View Full Version : McNab's Bar and Brasserie (Royal Hotel)

30-May-10, 21:05
Went there for some dinner tonight as all my usual haunts were busy so I thought I'd try somewhere new - won't make that mistake again!
The portions were small, the plates were hot but the food was cold, the veg was overcooked and smelly and the rest was not very good either.....I do hope that someone else has had a better experience and that perhaps I went on the night the chef was on hol???!
On a brighter note - the chips were alright so thats all I ate. When they came to clear the table they asked if everything was ok and we gave a very negative response so they knocked a little off the bill, I got the impression this wasna the 1st time they've had a complaint!!

30-May-10, 22:23
We have been twice since it has been done up and had an entirely different experience. On the first visit we made the mistake of having a starter and main course. The portions were very generous and so could not finish the main course. Second time we visited, last night, we only had the main course and this was also a generous helping so did not need to have a starter or sweet. I had fish and could not fault it at all. The fish and chips were piping hot. The only slight downfall was that the waitress seemed to have to serve behind the bar and take orders and pop through to the other bar/reception so she was possibly not as attentive as could have been but that would not be her fault, rather the fault of the hotel for not having enough staff on.
It would be interesting to see what other people's experiences have been as perhaps I am just easy pleased.......lol

I was also very impressed with the decor. Very modern and tasteful.

30-May-10, 23:18
We went for lunch a couple of weeks ago, the food was average - wouldn't rush back. Loved the decor & thought the waitress was really helpful & attentive.

31-May-10, 14:53
What sort of prices do they have? In relation to other Thurso places.

31-May-10, 16:37
Prices are ok, starters are approx 3.50 - 4.50
Main courses range from about 6 - 20

They also do sandwiches, baked tatties and wraps (if I go again think I'd have a sarnie!)

01-Jun-10, 14:47
I was there on Friday night for some drinks with my pals and had a great night in very nice surroundings! then me and by partner decided to go to there on Saturday night with some friends for dinner and I have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner in MacNabs.We all agreed that the change to the bar was remarkable compared to the old 'Royal Bar' its now so nicely decor'd and the furniture is obviously of a v.good quality. We found the staff very attentive and couldnt fault it. The price wasnt any different to anywhere else in thurso. We always went to the pentland before but now we would definately recommend MacNabs.:Razz

01-Jun-10, 16:24
Sounds decent to me. Will give it a try next time I am out for a meal :) I was a bit worried from the posh name I would go, take a look at the menu and have to discretely leave lol.