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30-May-10, 17:54
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01-Jun-10, 00:41
During the years that films were taken, We were living in North Devon and had a season ticket for Liverpool, which meant a home match was a round trip of 570 miles and take 4/5 hours each way with 4 of us in car taking stints of driving. We would leave Barnstaple at breakfast time and arrive home at midnight for Saturday games, remember them?
Midweek games meant leaving Devon at lunchtime and getting home with the milkman. I also remember that cars in those days were not as reliable as they are now and spent many an hour on hard shoulder of M5 or M6 and cars at that time were only years old!

Going down list I can see 22 grounds I have been to.

If Exeter had a match and LFC were not playing we used to go to StJames Park (Exeter at that time I think in the old Division 3, now called Div 1 and it was certainly better than the video portrays. It had a supporters club, behind the goal which had a bar which remained open through game. It was like a massive executive box.

We (Liverpool) had a good team then as well!

Best ground? Old Trafford, especially when you were winning or had won
Worst? Elland Road, always a bad atmosphere, and crowd, like team bad tempered and niggly