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29-May-10, 14:28
Currently overhauling services offered/website/prices

The website is being replaced with a .co.uk domain and designed to a highly professional standard by experts!

Also looking into the prices of my services + overhauling the 'services offered' i will be making it clearer & simpler on the website what iam offering.

Watch this space for updates over the next few weeks :)

01-Jun-10, 11:14
NEW SERVICE - 'jewelling' I have spent quite some time researching and perfecting this method.

Iam now happy to be offering this as an extra after a paint correction OR using this to give your car that nice gloss without the 'paint correction cost's.

This is not a technique to be carried out by an amateur as it can go wrong very easily,i have used this technique on every paint type,2pak/cellulose/acrylic/water based/pearlescent/flat based paint/metallic paint + more with very good results,be reassured your car is in safe hand's.

This is the final step in the polishing process, in which any holograms are removed, how far i take this step will determine the final gloss. It can take up to four hours or more jewelling the paint if it is felt that a higher gloss is achievable.If the surface is polished ’flat’ it will reflect light evenly (as opposed to refracting it at high and low spots) which will increase the overall optics of the paint.

Most people associate machine polishing with removing swirls, scratches and water spots but show car owners and detailers have long known that all paint finishes, even brand new finishes, can be improved by paint jewelling by machine polishing.

Thank you for reading.

01-Jun-10, 19:09
Website due to be complete by this weekend,new valeting prices will be on there.

01-Jun-10, 19:48
Free bump - Sounds good :)

Why the French though?

02-Jun-10, 16:20
Introducing the new EcosseAutoDetailing website...

www.ecosseautodetailing.co.uk (http://www.ecosseautodetailing.co.uk) :)

03-Jun-10, 20:43
2valeting packages on the website have been simplified,no reading a big list for hours on end,extra's like stain removal are available.

New windscreen chip repair kit is now available after 3months of testing.

Detailing: levelling paint(removing orange peel),jewelling,scratch removal,stonechip repair,glass scratch removal,tailights/headlights brightened up,swirl removal,oxidisation(FADING),bird etching removal,water mark removal,premium 130 wax protection + more!!

03-Jun-10, 23:56
Thread closed as the new website now active so any updated details can go on there.