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13-Jun-06, 22:37
I'm planning buying a new digital camera 5Mp, something like the Kodak V550 a Canon Powershot or a Sony Cybershot or something similar and looking for advice,views,if any of you orgers own any of these cameras.(The last camera I had, I couldn't keep it in AA batteries. The camera will just be used for taking holiday snaps,parties etc.Any advice would be appreciated.

13-Jun-06, 22:45
ive got a sony cyber shot, 5.1 MP its a really really good camera and its got abig screen to view photos which is a bonus. its just seems to take amazing photos all the time. really clear photos too!

14-Jun-06, 13:33
Hi There

I dont really know much about cameras, but I bought a Kodak Easy Share LS753 Digital camera (5mp) just over a year ago & have been very pleased with it.

I only really use it for snaps; nights out, birthdays etc, but I have always been very pleased with the picure quality, in particular, the colours are really sharp. The camera is very easy to use & comes with a rechargeable battery.

I bought mine from amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00026ZFPM/026-2111697-1978039

I dont know if they still do this exact model, but I am sure they are bound to offer something similar at the moment that will be a similar quality.

Best of luck.

14-Jun-06, 13:47
regarding your batteries go for rechargeables OVER 2000 milliamp (or whatever the power rating is), preferably go for about 2500 ones. I run my Minolta Z10 on 2300s and i get about 250 shots of continuous auto focus and continuous shooting.

14-Jun-06, 23:31
Thanks for the info, especially on the batteries I didn't realise that they would last that long but still undecided on what camera, I've still got a couple of weeks before the holidays.

22-Jun-06, 10:28
I bought my first digital Canon a Power Shot A85 then a PowerShot A610 5mp I run a 1GB card so I can take loads of photos or do a 1 hour video,out here I payed about 100 pounds,worth looking at Regards http://forum.caithness.org/images/icons/icon6.gif

23-Jun-06, 00:14
Thanks for the replys - I nipped over to Argos and bought a samsung A7 for 114 not bad I suppose - will get snapping over the next few weeks in a warmer climate cheers