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mop top
25-May-10, 10:23
We currently have a lovely wee boy in care with one of our foster mums. He is a tri coloured male collie pup aprox 10 weeks old. Both him and his sister were abandoned as strays his sister has found a new home but Bob is still looking for his. He seems a very intelligent pup and is doing really well with his toilet training etc. He is also very confident and well socialised with other dogs and is used to being in a puppy crate at night and is sleeping right through and dry in the morning . Bob will need to go to a home where he will receive loads of exercise and stimulation as he grows up, and would also do well with another dog. Ideally would prefer his new owner to have previously owned a border collie or have knowlege of the breed. Please contact me for more details on 01955 607735 and leave a contact no if i not in office or pm me.

28-May-10, 20:14
Is the pup still needing a loving home as we have been looking :)

mop top
29-May-10, 10:07
Pleased to say Bobby went to his lovely new home last night where he will spend his days with 2 other dogs and ducks, hens, sheep and cows. Ideal home for him where he will be much loved and have loads of space to run around and tire himself out. Sorry Patsy have pm'd you but he was gone before you pm'd me.

29-May-10, 10:49
:) Lovely news that Bobby has found a wonderful home....sound perfect for a wee collie dog........

29-May-10, 12:28
Great news that Bobby has found such a great home.:D

Mop top I so admire the work you do in finding homes for all these lovely dogs when you have no need to. You are their saviour!!!

29-May-10, 13:20
thats great news! Sounds like a wonderful home!