View Full Version : All you Quizzers shame on ye

16-May-04, 23:05
well you quizzers have asked for quizzes and they have been prepared and the regulars have turned up...but no enough o ye.
To run and organise a quiz takes time and effort...that only has been shown by the Quizmasters...again this weekend everybody says ...whoopee I will be there!!!!...but only a few o the regulars turn up, tonight the 16th o May a wee quiz was run and it had only two contestants ...Squidge an Highlander with apologies from our Colonial Cousins from California and Lizz cos she was at the shop an had too many customers ....the US crowd had a "Rounders" game till go till....seems this is beeg in the US.
Weel if you want quizzes....Attend!!!!!
Golach and I am grumpy

17-May-04, 02:56
Would have turned up for one of the great quiz nights but unfortunately i'm stuck on nightshift, thank goodness for internet acess in the hospital,at least i can catch up on the gossip.
Anyhows i send my apologies for not being there and i hope to join in soon. :eek:

17-May-04, 20:02
Sorry Golach mate, was on nightshift as well. :confused

18-May-04, 00:10
Sorry Golach - but it was like this, I was on 4th tee at thurso golf course on the saturday and talking to my friend about how the quiz night was on Sunday and how much I looked forward taking part in this question and answer extravaganza. I tee'd up my ball and with the loss of concentration talking about the quiz I lost slight balance in my backswing causing an out to in swingpath, and as you know this causes an awful slice. The ball veared left towards the trees and the ball seemed to rebound back towards me and whacked me on the temple. The doctors diagnosed slight concussion and sever amnesia .........so my excuse for not attending the quiz was that I forgot....unexcusable I know but I did put some effort into my lie :)

18-May-04, 08:07
The doctors diagnosed slight concussion and sever amnesia :)

Oh acameron, I am so sorry to hear about your SEVER amnesia, :( but methinks the alledged strike on your temple has affected your memory in more ways than one.
Since when did you become the Colin Montgomerie of Springpark [disgust]
Ac your excuse disna wash. If Highlander could get out of her sick bed to run the quiz I beleive that you could have given up your so called extreme sport of chasing a wee white ball with a curly stick, the poor wuman has had a relapse "an has no been seen by man nor wuman" since [mad]

18-May-04, 16:21
Hey acameron...I want's to know how come if you have amnesia you knew you had forgotten the quiz? [lol] Or maybe it's the new variant a called selective amnesia.!