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Even Chance
25-May-10, 09:33
I am just starting out taking aerial photos of houses and property on a commission basis. I have been perfecting the process over the winter, and am now very happy with the results obtained during this test period.
I am using a small electric UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) to take the photographs. It is Radio-Controlled, and can operate from very tight spaces.
The service involves myself arriving at your property, doing a full safety check and planning the flight in full. This also means planning and taking the photos at the correct time of day to catch the sunlight on the "best" side of the property.
I then fly the UAV and take approximately 300-400 12Mega Pixel photos of the property, from varying heights and angles.
These photos are then burned to a CD and given to the commissioner for a fee of 50.

Most people now have photo printers, or access to one, and they can do what they wish with the photographs as they become the commissioners property after payment of the fee.

This service can be of use when buying/selling/building a property, or just for for the novelty factor of seeing your property from a very different point of view.

Please feel free to view some of my trial photographs on my "FLICKR" site.

Please PM me with any questions or job enquiries or:-

E-mail to:- caithnessaerialpics@gmail.com

Thank you

Even Chance
14-Jun-10, 14:48
Hi all,
I have now designed/built and tested a new wing to allow slower flight. This has allowed me to use smaller takeoff/landing areas and position the UAV for better photos.
I have just uploaded some recent pics onto my Flickr page-

Mail me at caithnessaerialpics@gmail.com

Hope you like,

Alice in Blunderland
17-Jun-10, 08:27
I would love to have you come and take a shot of my house for me. In fact you already have my house in one of your photos in your gallery ( Sarclet ) just that it is in the distance. :)

Even Chance
17-Jun-10, 10:47
No problem at all.
I have PM'd you to discuss further.