View Full Version : poor horse

24-May-10, 12:39
my brother has just gotten a new horse and he sent me a pic of it.
the boy is only rising 5 but hes so thin.
cody said he was gonna see about geting some weight on him and see where it goes.
he will look lovley once hes where he needs to be.. would love to see him untacked.. but not got a pic yet.
heres a pic of him to show you..

24-May-10, 13:14
I took on a horse a long time ago who was as thin,after 4 months slowly building him up he was unrecognisable..amazing what a bit of TLC can do. Let us know how they get on and good luck to them both. :D

24-May-10, 14:03
one thing that is bothering me is hes being ridden like that.. and not light weight either. hes been taking HW riders. was looking at his legs and just dont see how hes done it.

24-May-10, 17:06
Awwww poor thing, so under weight, needs some Tlc and small feeds little and often to get him in the way of eating again and to put the weight back on, wish your brother all the best in doing so :)

24-May-10, 21:46
He is a fine looking pony, but needs some good food and lots of tlc before he is ridden. Probably would be a good idea to give him rest and rehabilitation, with excersise to build those muscles. Bet he will be a great looking animal when he is up to par.....look forward to more pics:)

24-May-10, 22:18
Doesn't look 5 to me - looks very immature. I'd say it might be 3 this summer...

24-May-10, 22:30
couldnt tell you for sure hun, i dont know that much about horses to guess age.. but cody did say that he was 4 going 5 .. but wheter that is right or not i couldnt tell you. i do know he only got him in the last couple days.