View Full Version : Surfing equipment in Thurso?

22-May-10, 12:11
I have a holiday home in Thurso which is appealing to surfers.

UK guests bring their own gear, but is there anywhere I can recommend to those coming from overseas?

I know the Tempest used to hire stuff, but doesn't any longer. Any other surfing shops around?

Thank you:)

26-May-10, 19:28
The only other person up here that might hire out boards, wetsuits etc is Mike Heddle who owns the surf school (NESS), his number in the business index and he lives in Thurso.

26-May-10, 19:57
That's great - thank you!

26-May-10, 20:04
The only problem is he will only have learner boards for hire so if these surfers can already surf then his boards wont be much use to them, but I have a few boards myself if you can't find what you're looking for