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22-May-10, 11:18
What insurance would 1 need to offer PAT testing as a service?Looking into offering it but coming up with nothing insurance wise,is public liability enough?

Not sure of any websites to help me out,any ideas?

22-May-10, 11:36
One of the electrical trade associations will advise

22-May-10, 23:42

23-May-10, 01:18
To be taken accepted as a PAT inspector you will need, as a minimum, the following:

To be able to comply with the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) code of practice
C&G2377 course will provide requirements/knowledge required to do so

Do you employ staff? if so you will need Employers Liability insurance.

Whilst Public Liability insurance, is not a legal necessity, without it you will not get any work. Check with customers what level of indemnity is required and increase by 50%

Regularly calibrate your PAT testing equipment (this is very important, as claims can be repudiated and liability attached to yourself, if guidelines not followed.

A full register/record of equipment tested with results, dates, serial nos, PAT tester used etc for you and client