View Full Version : any rabbits who need a loving home?

21-May-10, 21:24
is there anyone who has a male/female rabbit that has been neutered that need a loving home?as i will be happy to take one in as my rabbit needs a friend:Dplease pm me if anyone has any

22-May-10, 00:01
its hard to get a rabbit to accept a new playmate if they are not brought up together!
you may have to accept they may never get on.....
2 hutches and runs etc...

22-May-10, 09:22
i hope they do get on coz we just got my rabbit from pets at home and he is only a few months and i think he misses his sisters that was with him in pets at home and i want to cheer him up:(

22-May-10, 09:30
You should really get him neutered when he is 6 months old before getting him a pal. Neutering removes all the urges to be aggressive etc and it's the only way that 2 rabbits will have the chance of getting along. Also when you try to bond do it in neutral ground not in his space, you can even use the bath for that. When 2 rabbits meet there will be a bit of fur pulling and humping that is normal but if it gets out of hand you have to separate them and try again. It can be a long stressful thing to do.