View Full Version : Missing cat - Bower area

21-May-10, 11:46
Black cat missing in Bower area near the community centre. His name is Murphy, last seen 4 days ago. He is very friendly and nosey and would think nothing of going inside someones shed or outbuilding. Please keep a look out for him as he is missed. :~(

24-May-10, 22:10
Any news about Murphy?

25-May-10, 13:13
aww thats so sad my cat called murphy went missing 4 days ago too had reports that a cat was killed on the road a stones throw away from our house phoned the council but they just dispose of them so will probably never know :~(:~( but all the people that live along side the road never seen anything, hope your little murphy comes home soon

26-May-10, 12:38
Sorry to hear that. We think our Murphy is alive and well and living on baby rabbits in a field not too far away!! He has been spotted on almost a daily basis hunting in a field the other side of the pine trees near us. We have been over and shouted and looked but no sign yet. We hope it is him and he comes back soon as the kids miss him. And he is in big trouble when he does!!!!

27-May-10, 14:18
Hope Murphy comes home safe and well soon.... It ain't nice when your cats go missing, as I know from previously loosing 2 off mine....

I ssen a black cat on the Bowertower road this morning when I was putting my little girl to Nursery, maybe it was him.......

28-May-10, 19:30
It may have been him. Still no sign of him here. We just wish he would come home. I am hoping that with all this rain he might come back soon.

31-May-10, 00:33
Sorry to hear Murphy is still missing. Have you any pictures of him you could post here?

31-May-10, 15:54
It may have been him. Still no sign of him here. We just wish he would come home. I am hoping that with all this rain he might come back soon.

Is Murphy home yet??? Seen a black cat again this mornin crossing the road in front off me at Bowertower area..... Have you come down the Bowertower road to see if you can spot him and also to see if the one I have seen is your's.....

Hope he comes home safely........... :)

02-Jun-10, 11:48
He isnt home yet :( thanks we will definately be down a look. I havent got a good picture of him to put up. He is all black and has a chunk of fur missing half way down his tail. He did have a black glittery collar on but he always loses them.

05-Jun-10, 14:38
Our cat Murphy still hasnt come home. It has been 2 weeks now. :( There has been a black cat spotted in the area. Help, please. Has anyone seen him recently? He is very friendly and is really missed, he has never been away for this long before.

05-Jun-10, 14:39
I really hope he is home to you soon.

05-Jun-10, 16:28
Will keep a look out for Murphy......hope he comes home, but this is great hunting weather for pussycats....:)

13-Jun-10, 23:07
STILL MISSING!!!!! Please continue to keep a look out for our cat Murphy. He is all black, very friendly. Missing for a few weeks now in Bower.

14-Jun-10, 07:47
i wish i could look but i dont live in bower so i cant be any help i hope u get him back to reunite with your family
from mini balto