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18-May-10, 11:40
I was out walking my two mutts last night the usual route but later than normal. I noticed two girls walking their two dogs across the road, one a wee doggy and the other a big inu breed I think, which was on an extendable lead. The big dog did his/her business in the grass beside the pavement and when the girl went to clean up must not have secured the dog back to a manageable lead length and the dog ran out in front of a car. The car had two young children in it and luckily the driver stopped before any harm was done. The dog owner could not have been more apologetic and I think both were shaken up.

This is simply to make people aware that extendable leads should, in most cases, only be used in appropriate areas, beside busy roads perhaps not being one of these areas as dogs can become distracted so easily and run out in the road if not kept within reach.

Happy and safe walking everyone!

18-May-10, 15:05
That should hopefully be the first and last time that happens to them, a lesson learned the scary way.

Almost exactly the same happened to me years ago with Cara. I was picking up the poo and she seen a cat and took off, wrapping me up in the lead, luckily there were no cars but I did nearly land in the poop :eek:
Now I always keep my thumb on the lock as well as clicking it into position as if it doesn't catch properly it just ratchets off when the daft dug tugs it.

18-May-10, 19:01
Have to completely agree! I only use mine here as we are in the middle of no where and the dogs are completely safe. If we are anywhere else they also have fixed length leads for safety.