View Full Version : Paws & Claws Pet Photography Pricing Survey

15-May-10, 11:29
I am starting up a Pet Photography business offering both Studio and On-Location photo shoots and have created a Survey to aide me in the direction I take when it comes to pricing.

From my own experiences I would rather pay a reasonable sitting fee which includes a photo in the price and be free to choose other images/sizes rather than feel obliged to buy something

Please feel free to complete the short survey attached and include any comments/suggestions you may have

Click Here to Complete the Survey (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2PFMSBT)

thanks in advance

15-May-10, 22:13
thanks to all who have completed the survey so far, the response has been good :D

To answer a couple of the questions asked (can't reply through the survey): -

Will I be photographing horses? Yes, any pet photographed, with the exception of snakes and spiders as I'm too scared!!

Will I travel to take photos? Yes - I will travel a radius of 25 miles with no charge for mileage, however 40p/mile will be charged thereafter.