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13-May-10, 15:44
It's finally arrived after months of painstaking work, BB+C are now online. We have just started off with the fabrics to start with but hope to add the rest of our wide range of different bibs and bobs. So take a look, see what you think and we are offering free p&p.

13-May-10, 15:50
Have you got a website address for us :)?

13-May-10, 16:23
Yes, sorry i was that excited i forgot the most important bit so here we are www.bbandc.co.uk (http://www.bbandc.co.uk) enjoy

15-May-10, 00:22
Hi glad to see you with your own website...good work and will be well worth it:D

Just a couple of things

Images need to be resized as they take forever to load up and i have pretty good connection as this time of the night. Free image resizer - fotosizer.com

The side menu of different products need to be brought down a size as they are overlapping and you can't see them properly - don't worry about the visually impaired etc as there are buttons on the internet explorer that allow you to change fonts on any site so you can see it.

I clicked on Gallery and it loaded great but there is no Back or homepage button at the bottom or top to redirect you back to where you were or to the home page

Change your postcode on the home page to capitals.

The side menu needs to be clear on the products

Home page - FABRIC - all the different types- then the galleries to them with products
You should also add PAPER and PAINT etc and then have sub directories and breakdown of the products
Main headline on Home Page Jewelery -
Sub directories - Jewels and Beads, tools, Raw materials, books/Mags, Classes etc

You should also add a Clearance button on the Homepage and then again subdirectories of the different catagories (it is lost in amongst the material listing) also leave a page for latest news so you can update this.

Sorry don't mean to be picky but you did ask..lol :D


15-May-10, 01:12
Sound advice there demac.

15-May-10, 10:19
I concur - I did look at the site but the time it was taking for the images to load plus the overlapping / overcrowded menus put me off staying.

15-May-10, 12:33
Thanks for your comments guys, i have already changed the front page a wee bit, i am going to be working on the resizing over the weekend and hope to have this sorted by the start of the week. I am a novice at this so any comments good or bad are appreciated.:eek:

15-May-10, 17:57
I concur - I did look at the site but the time it was taking for the images to load plus the overlapping / overcrowded menus put me off staying.

Agreed and also "the connection was frequently reset", which was on nearly every page,
will however, endeavour to pay you a visit in the near future. Good Luck with your venture.:)

15-May-10, 18:15
I wish you well with your new venture.:)

17-May-10, 10:11
ok guys,
before you tell me the obvious, i have not had the chance to sort my pictures yet on the website yet, so please be patient i'm on the job today.

19-May-10, 02:13
The changes you have made are a massive improvement:D: the side menu is so much clearer in understanding and so is the font lovely and bold. Like the sub folders aswell.

You have a massive task of changing all the images sizes as to the amount of photos you have. great progress though

Looks great so far - sorry didn't mean to be picky but one last little bit your side menu has a heading of Quilting Accesories (spelt Accessories) :D

People revisit and see the changes hope you all agree on the hard work being achieved.