View Full Version : Meadow pipit i think?

08-Jun-06, 23:01

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15-Jul-07, 22:44
I don't know about the bird, the wings look very hung low down to me like a cuckoo does.

I think this is a meadow pipit, but pipits look all the same to me.

Meadow pipit? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJDangQgLIs)

18-Jul-07, 21:51
I'm never sure about these LBJs (little brown jobbies). I thought these were meadow pipits but now I'm not so sure. They did have a very particular rising call as they flew up though. I don't know if that helps to identify them.



19-Jul-07, 22:39
Hi Highlander

Your photos of the pipits are backlit so it is difficult to see detail. But structurally and on the plumage details that are visible it looks like a Meadow Pipit.

Grumpyhippo - your first photo is a Meadow Pipit and the second one is a Rock Pipit - note the black legs and feet (Meadow's are pale), heavy bill (Meadow's can be variable but usually has pale base and cutting edge and is not as heavy) and extensive, close steaking on the breast extending down the belly.

26-Sep-07, 17:16
:) Hello Highlander did you notice the strange optical illusion in your top photo? Just to the left and down a bit there is a wee robin looking out of the stone . You can see the top of the head, both eyes, open beak and red breast. Not really relevant I suppose but interesting ? Maybe not. Sorry.