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10-May-10, 18:37
Hey remember seeing a thread on here a while back, but can't remember the name of the shoe shop folks mentioned in Inverness maybe near Eastgate? They do shoes for little ones anyone remember the name of it or know of it?

Its time to get new shoes for my little one but DE's have none in her size they can order in but the order book is in black and white, not very helpful! Anyway im heading down to Inverness in 2 weeks so will go shoe shopping then.

Thanks in advance!

10-May-10, 18:49
Hi Susan its first footers. It's just up the hill from M&S in Inverness. I got Sarah a nice pair of boots in there.

Clarks online also deliver to their shop in Inverness. I ordered a couple of pairs and got them sent there. Sarah had to come with me as they have to try them on the bairn before they'll sell them to u.

10-May-10, 19:09
Deichnman and Brantano in Inverness are very good. They sell all the good makes of shoes including Clarks and Hush Puppies and are generally much cheaper.

10-May-10, 19:31
Thanks Donella, First Footers i couldna mind! Aye madam will be with me so will be fine for trying on! Must have a look on the Clarks website and see if there is anything i fancy!

Im scared til go til Brantano last time i took Carrie in there she stole a sandal and i didna discover it til we got home, was very lovely but 1 was no use!

10-May-10, 21:14
First footers is brill if your kids has funny feet... not the standard width fitting... my girls have narrow feet and I could traipse all round Inverness after exhausting Caithness for shoes or go to first footers first and get shoes no bother for them!
And its nice shoes too!

10-May-10, 21:43
awww thanks people i have been looking for somewhere!

was gettin really annoyed with the lack of places for baby shoes up here! my lil boy has got a high instep so needs a wide shoe and they can only get 2 pairs for him in DE in wick... and to be honest they are horrible they have a very small selection!

gona go to first footers now! just a pitty about the travel.


10-May-10, 21:47
Just a wee tip... it can get busy on a saturday and its a wee shop, but, they take the time to fit the shoes properly even on the most unco-operative children (I had 1 little girl who didnt want shoes only wellies) so make sure you have appropriate snacks/juice/bribes with you!

10-May-10, 22:04
Well im going on a Monday so fingers crossed no 2 busy! N my little one loves tryin on shoes so i should b ok!

10-May-10, 22:11
Laughing.... I have 1 girlie girl who loves shoes but has narrow feet so cannot normally get nice shoes unless I go to first footers (everyone admires her shiny red shoes from ff).... If I get shoes up here we have the choice of 1 pair in whatever colour they are in this season ... always the same style.
and a little tomboy who cannot normally be parted from boots or wellies!
She hates the fuss over shoes but has narrow feet too!

10-May-10, 22:30
what sizes do they go up to?

11-May-10, 08:58
Last time I was in I could have got myself some boots (pink and flowery)
so at least a 5!

11-May-10, 10:33
There is a really good shop in Alness, they had lots of startrite last time I was in, well worth popping in on your way down.