View Full Version : Congrats Sanny

26-Oct-01, 14:08
Well done Sanny on winning the quiz on Thursday. Just make sure you stick to your guns next Thursday as they can be a right unruley mob in the quiz room :grin: :grin:


26-Oct-01, 19:34
Yep, we're a terrible lot... well... You is anyways! :grin: ;)


26-Oct-01, 20:17
Well done Sanny! And don't worry about a fecht. As long as you don't tell us that Redwood trees grow in Los Angeles, you'll be all right. (And fer cryin' out loud, don't mention crowdie LOL)

Caraid, for the record, redwoods need constant moisture in the air, aka heavy fog, of which LA has ZERO, unless they put it into barrels and ship it to the Botanical Gardens in LA. Which of course would be STEALING from SF.

Weegili, are you wearing Blue and Gold colors? -Helen

26-Oct-01, 20:42
thanx :grin: im lookin 4ward to the quiz on thursday, hope evry1 is swottin up coz its gonna be a tuffy hardy har har :evil

26-Oct-01, 20:50
MUAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A tough one hay? Well... tougher than Ann Robinson tough? Or just tough? Cause I can handle the 2 of them me thinks ;)

That's confidence for ya... only, I'll probably not show for fear of showing myself up as stupid! LOL :lol: