View Full Version : Lost Doberman in Wick

08-May-10, 18:14
Hi A friend posted on facebook someone found a doberman in Wick yesterday.
Handed in at the Police Station, someone said if not claimed in a week it will be put to sleep.

08-May-10, 18:48
what a shame i would take it on:~(

08-May-10, 19:32
Contact the dog warden Bruce, or the police. The clock may be ticking if the dog isn't claimed.

08-May-10, 21:35
i think i will just do that.do you think it will be at barmoral?

08-May-10, 22:40
Good for you Bruce!

No the dog won't be at the SSPCA centre so,as Carasmam said, contact the police or send a pm to Moptop who is the Dog Warden.

08-May-10, 23:24
i think i will just do that.do you think it will be at barmoral?

Please don't waste any time....dog warden will let you know where doggy is being fostered.......don't let time run out, go for it and let us all know the outcome......good for you.:)

08-May-10, 23:40
have sent dog warden pm.will let yous know what happens

09-May-10, 06:56
why would it be pts if not claimed in a week? is something wrong with it? i didnt think that they did that over here.. putting an animal down for no good reason?

09-May-10, 17:56
hi what a shame about this poor dobermanns situation!:(..what happened with him did some1 claim him????:(..poor dog..could some1 plz let me no! cheers..

mop top
10-May-10, 07:28
Hi all

Have not been logged on all weekend or would have replied sooner. To my knowlege there is no Doberman at the police station or if there is i dont know about it! Did receive a call from police they had a dog on Friday afternoon but 2 minutes later received another one to say it had been claimed by its owner. If there is a Doberman then it certainly will not be pts if healthy and of sound temprament, i work round the clock trying to rehome strays that have not been reclaimed by their owners and have managed to rehome over 40 since last September. Thanks for all the pms regarding offering this dog a new home, hopefully it will not be needed because he has been claimed. However anyone wishing to offer a dog a new life please contact me on 01955 607735 if there is nothing at the moment we can complete home checks etc and when something becomes available then you could be ready to adopt it after the 7 days are up and no one claims it.


ps will post when i get to work if this dog is still at the police station.

mop top
10-May-10, 09:59

Just to confirm that there is no doberman in either wick or thurso police station. Can only assume that it was immediately reclaimed by its owner before i got involved.

cheers anne

10-May-10, 12:36
That is good news re the Doberman Ann and thanks for advising us of the situation.

We, and most of all the dogs, are so lucky to have such a caring and hardworking Dog Warden.
Keep up the good work!:D

mop top
10-May-10, 22:21
Thanks Liz

It is a team effort and did not mean to sound as if i do everything. i really
Could not do what i do for all the strays without the help of fosterers who take dogs into their own homes and treat them as one of the family until their forever home turns up. so on behalf of all the dogs they have cared for over the last months, and me!

A big thank you!

to all the foster mums & dads, and also to the people who have adopted dogs and given them brilliant new homes.