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05-May-10, 23:04
I've been meaning to do this for months - in fact, ever since that long cold winter. I get my milk delivered 3 times a week by Claymore Dairies, and I can't recommend them highly enough. My milkman didn't miss one single delivery not even through that period where there was thick sheet ice all over the county for weeks on end. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning my milk is waiting for me when I get up, without fail. Fabulous. :D

I am so impressed and I would recommend Claymore Dairies to anyone who wants their milk delivered rather than encouraging the supermarkets to keep squeezing profits out of our hard working and much put upon dairy farmers - it costs slightly more than the supermarkets, but so worth the extra for having your milk on your doorstep when you get up in the morning.

My only criticism (and I believe this applies to most dairies now, not Claymore specifically) is that they use plastic bottles like the supermarkets. Don't know why dairies have stopped reusing glass bottles, breakages probably. At least the glass bottles were able to be reused instead of having to be thrown away, or recycled every time. I would have thought that reusing is much greener than recycling (which actually involves the bottles being remade or made into something else). And even when glass bottles come to the end of their useful life, they are still able to be recycled the same as the plastic ones - it's just that you get so many more uses out of them before they need to be recycled.