View Full Version : Food at the park and forss house??

05-May-10, 15:13
has anyone ever had lunch or dinner at the park or forss house? was it any good? thanks for your help

05-May-10, 16:52

I have had food at these places many times. Cant complain about either. If its a special occasion i think i would recommend forss house before the Park. Its a lovely small welcoming place and u get the one to one from the staff. Meals are maybe slightly small but they are to a high standard. Park is a lovely place and great for when u have ur family with you but the only complaint that i would have with them is that u could not be in a hurry when eating there, everything else is great.

06-May-10, 22:16
We had our christmas night out at Forss House and although it was a good night the food was not that impressive. I don't feel it was worth the money. I have been to the Park on many occasions and wouldn't hesitate in going back there. Plenty of choice and a fantastic sweet trolley :-)