View Full Version : Ironman 2

05-May-10, 09:46
Stated slow like the first one but I really enjoyed it once it warmed up.
Scarlett Johanssen plays a real kick ass girlie and I thought the dialogue, humour and the camaraderie of the cast made it great to watch.

10-May-10, 21:15
i went to see it last night and thought it was pretty good!

10-May-10, 22:10
Jealous! Im desperate to see it! :~(

11-May-10, 10:48
Jealous! Im desperate to see it! :~(

Well worth watching in my opinion.

The Drunken Duck
11-May-10, 11:03
Going to see it next Monday.

Glad to hear that people who have gone to see it like it, the critics seem to have panned it for some reason.

Bought the AC/DC soundtrack. Its awesome.

11-May-10, 13:25
I thought it was really good, as already said a bit slow starting, very corny at times too.

13-May-10, 17:17
I thought it was disappointing and nowhere near as good as the first one.

20-May-10, 15:40
that was a poor show ironman 2 my wee nephew was so looking forward to it has he loves the first movie half way throw he got bored and wanted to leave did not like it shame really has the first one is really good oh well:confused