View Full Version : hoop and spike for rhone pipes wanted

02-May-10, 14:03
Hi everyone, We're looking for the old fashioned metal hoop and spike that holds the rhone pipes up, tried places in Wick and Inverness, anyone got some lying around or have you seen them for sale. Suzy

02-May-10, 14:06
Have seen 'em in my Screwfix catalogue a while ago Suzy (ours are the same type), but they were <<rude word>> expensive!:eek:

02-May-10, 15:28
I did look in the screwfix catalogue and cudna find them,

02-May-10, 16:54
Try Highland Industrial Supplies iInverness -- Tel:- 01463 239160. You have a pretty good chance of getting them there.

02-May-10, 17:19
I just tried them today when I was in Inverness, but no luck, any other suggestions

02-May-10, 17:36
Yep _ find a blacksmith get them made, I think there are still a few about.
Good Luck

03-May-10, 07:20
If you go on to the Terrain rainwater systems website you will find them there. They may be able to supply you direct or recommend a supplier. I thought Allans Gillock stocked Terrain products and hopefully they could order them for you.

03-May-10, 07:25
They are available on e bay but are quite expensive.

03-May-10, 08:20
Hi I think my other half has some. he says that the ones that he has have a spike that you drive into the stone or block work then there is the rise and fall which you adjust to set the run off from the rhone pipes. If this is any help please pm us with your contact details.

03-May-10, 10:22
Have some old ones lying about that I took off when building an extension that you are welcome to . will have a look for them and get back to you