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01-May-10, 22:20
Popppy has been sick for 3 days now.
Tried starving her for 48hrs to see if that would help, but, looking to give her a light meal tonight...
Just fried chicken breasts to seal them and now simmering them in a pan with a bit of water...
Would it be a good idea to give her some tonight or should I wait until tommorrow?
She didnt want her usual dinner but is drinking ok.
Think she ate something the cat dragged home dead that started this bout of sickness off!
Thats labs for you:eek:
Cooking especially for the dog ...as if I dont have enough to do!

01-May-10, 22:53
Sounds like you need to speak to the vet.
Bringing back something indigestible is fine, but being sick for 3 days sounds a bit more serious.
Vets are available 24/7 over the phone, just give them a ring.
I called them at 3 in the morning before. If it's not an emergency then maybe tomorrow morning will do rather than waking the vet up...

01-May-10, 22:53
Aw poor Poppy!:(

Has starving her helped? If so, it would be a good idea to give her a wee bit of chicken now to see how she gets on. Wouldn't have fried it though as the oil may be a bit heavy for her delicate tum.

The homeopathic remedies Arsen Alb or Nux Vomica could help as well?

Does she seem okay in herself?

If it carries on it would a good idea to get her to the vets for an anti-sickness injection.
However, it's good that she's drinking okay as she won't get dehydrated.

Get well soon Poppy.xxx

01-May-10, 23:06
Only sealed them in the olive oil to keep the juices in.
Simmered them in just water...
Think dead mouse guts/intestines caused the problem.
But she can be sick for 2/3 days at a time after eating something stupid!
It was just she was looking for something to eat and was going to raid the bin if nothing was forthcoming.... and I dont want to wake up to a back place covered in spew again!

01-May-10, 23:24
Still think it would be better without any oil at all Dadie as her tum sounds really sensitive after chomping on the mouse.

Give her a wee bit though as it is a really good sign that she is looking for food now.Do you have any live yogurt as this can be quite soothing?
It's a pity you don't live near to me as I have some Slippery Elm tablets you could have had. They're really good for bowg upsets.

Here's hoping for a spew free night!

02-May-10, 00:24
Something really easy for her to digest after her mouse feast is cornflour....made the way you make custard, but don't add sugar....this will line her digestive tract and she should keep it down....usually dogs love it. ;)

02-May-10, 11:43
is it no rice and chicken that they supposed to have 4 upset stomach as its light on the old tummy

02-May-10, 15:14
is it no rice and chicken that they supposed to have 4 upset stomach as its light on the old tummy

Yes boiled rice with a little chicken is also good as well as oatmeal made into a thin gruel, egg white....there are lots of simple tummy settlers.:)

02-May-10, 16:53
chicken and rice is best i always use that if my staffies are ill works a treat

02-May-10, 19:05
is it no rice and chicken that they supposed to have 4 upset stomach as its light on the old tummy
that is what the vet advised me once when one of dogs kept being sick x

02-May-10, 19:10
i give my dog fish and rice when she is not feeling great, she loves it!

02-May-10, 19:22
How is Poppy today?

02-May-10, 20:08
Boiled chicken and rice is meant to be nice and delicate on the stomach. However 3 days is worrying, I would be back seeing the vets. Hope she is doing better.

02-May-10, 21:23
Ate 2 mouthfulls of chicken last night and threw up 4!
She left the rest...was still sitting in her bowl this morning...gave her fresh chicken tonight....its not been touched...which is odd as she is usually a hoover on legs.
mentioned the VET to her
Still drinking and peeing normally
So if still not eating or/and throwing up by tommorrow morning the vet will get called !

Bartlett Boy
02-May-10, 21:58
hi have you tried something light like scrambeled and some milk help settle stomach poor wee dowg

02-May-10, 22:30
Ate the cats supper and promtly threw that up!
Fed up scraping up puke as I gag everytime:eek:
Can cope with most other things.... but puke:~(

02-May-10, 23:02
Aw poor wee thing!:~(

Afraid it is definitely time for a trip to the Vet. Maybe a bit of the moose has become stuck?

03-May-10, 09:08
booked in at the vets!
15:50hrs.... dreading trailing everyone through...

03-May-10, 17:02
Hope all went well with doggy.................

04-May-10, 21:13
Antisickness jab... colour good...couldnt hear her heart as she was panting too hard (being at the vets does that to her anyway)
Stopped being sick at last....I was running out of backdoor mats!

04-May-10, 22:34
Here's hoping that Poppy will be okay now. Meeses are off the menu!!!:lol:

Why is that pets always head for rugs etc when being sick? I have vinyl flooring all through the house but you can bet that 90% of the time they will head for rugs or doormats!:roll:

05-May-10, 00:25
I am glad she is feeling a bit better, hope it lasts.

Why is that pets always head for rugs etc when being sick? I have vinyl flooring all through the house but you can bet that 90% of the time they will head for rugs or doormats!:roll:

You know, that is SO true!

05-May-10, 00:30
Here's hoping that Poppy will be okay now. Meeses are off the menu!!!:lol:

Why is that pets always head for rugs etc when being sick? I have vinyl flooring all through the house but you can bet that 90% of the time they will head for rugs or doormats!:roll:

Only have machine washable rugs as my old doggy sometimes decides to go Whoosh and was costing a fortune to buy new rugs.......;)
Glad Poppy will be feeling better......

18-May-10, 22:23
She has started throwing up again!
No mices or anything this time, but, I think she has been eating grass:eek:
Starvation again for a couple of days.....and another backdoor mat:(

19-May-10, 20:54
Was at the vets today...have to go back tommorrow...:(
heartrate 200bpm and no pulses in her groin...so not a good day...
she got an antisickness jab and antibiotics........
bit worried about whats actually wrong with her as her ears have gone gunky and her skin has started to go scaly again too...

19-May-10, 21:48
Here's hoping it's not too serious and just a bit of an infection.....keep us updated and a big hug for Poppy.

19-May-10, 21:55
She is starting to look really run down....
And not mithering round the kids chairs at mealtimes so I have to pick dropped bits up before wiping the floor....
Sitting at the bottom of the stairs or in her bed and not in mine.

19-May-10, 23:47
Aw I am so very sorry to hear that Poppy is unwell again.:~(

Really hope that the Vets find out what is wrong and get her well soon.

Thinking of you . xx

20-May-10, 19:40
They took bloods today and took her off the antisickness meds...her temp is higher and a bit wobbly on her legs ....heartrate still high
Got asked how much can we pay up to......
Back tommorrow again

20-May-10, 19:52
Could she have eaten something which may have poisoned her?

I know how worried you must be and really hope the bloods just show something like an infection which could be treated.

20-May-10, 19:53
The PDSA is there to help....hopefully it is nothing serious and the vet can get to the bottom of it and get Poppy back to full health. Keep hopes up as it's early days yet.

21-May-10, 10:02
I hope she hasn't eaten poison :( my cat was poisoned and had to be put to sleep. I hope Poppy feels better soon x

21-May-10, 21:42
Got the blood results today.
Good and bad news.
She has an inflammed pancreas and is on pain relief meds and antibiotics.
She also needs a new diet ... got royal canin digestive low fat samples to try... not getting eaten..:(
Going to have to cook chicken, fish or lean pork with tatties, rice or pasta for her unless there is other dog foods I can try.
But it can be managed if not cured...so my worst fears are not going to happen for a long while...hopefully!

21-May-10, 22:21
Glad the news was good and with her change in diet she should be fine.
I recently changed my old dogs diet as she was turning her nose up at everything. Now I feed her minced chicken, lamb or beef....and she loves it and seems much better. I cook it with some pasta, rice or even diced potato and it takes only a minute to put it in the pot and while I busy about leave it to cook, cool and serve............result...one happy doggy.:)

It's also works out cheaper that tinned or dry and there are no harmful addatives.....

21-May-10, 22:26
Im going to give her a wee while before I try to sort out her skin and ears... I dont have the heart to bath her when she is so miserable anyway....
And hopefully it will improve anyway when her general health improves.

21-May-10, 22:50
Well I'm glad it is something which can be managed and, as you rightly say, her skin may well clear up on a more natural diet as well.

I give Benjy Naturediet which he loves and it is completely natural. If you contacted them I am sure they would advise you of which would be best for Poppy.

Also, I get remedies from a very clever Homeopath and I am sure he could prescribe something which would help.
PM if you want details.

Here's hoping that Poppy will be well again soon and she should be with you for many happy years to come.:D

21-May-10, 23:02
I was dreading trying to tell the girls..... Dead dog senario.....
I was very pessamisstic about the outcome ....
But if the homeopathic remedies and foods will compliment the medicines and her illness I would be interested!

21-May-10, 23:13
Well I'm so glad you didn't have to pass on bad news!

There are a lot of folk who poo poo homeopathic remedies but I have had great success using them.

Diet is also really important.

I've actually just heard from someone whose dog was due to be pts because of breathing problems.
Thankfully he changed to a more natural diet and the dog is now fine and the fatty lumps which had appeared on it's body are now disappearing!

21-May-10, 23:24
Its just that it is too soon after granny and grandads dog Tarn had to be pts...(old age and fitting after 2 strokes/heartattacks)
That wasnt really understood
And last years funerals and trips away for them.....not understood!
Didnt want to do the whole death thing again.....:(
But what diet/homeopathic remedies can you recommend?
and is it all web based or can I speak to a proper human being?

21-May-10, 23:26
just got your pm!
as I was trying to put into words what I mean!

21-May-10, 23:34
Aw what a shame and ,as you say, it is hard to explain it to them in a way they will understood.
Still you won't need to as sure Poppy will be fine!

Here are the contact details for Naturediet and, yes, you can phone them for advice and they are ever so nice and helpful.

You can phone the homeopath but he lives in Spain. If you just email him and tell him what the matter is he will send you a remedy along with instructions etc.

He has really helped my pets over the past few years. Just recently my 19 year old cat Charly was ill with a tummy upset so I got a remedy for him and within a few days he was fine and is now actually better than he's been in a long time.

By the way I am not saying this is used instead of treatment from your Vet but can work along nicely with this if needed.

21-May-10, 23:38
I've just had a look at the Naturediet website and they have a factsheet on Pancreatitis which might be helpful?

21-May-10, 23:53
Can do the food cooking and diet at the same time I cook the girls food:lol:
nothing spicy and just fish/chicken/pork and rice/pasta/tatties and veg
same options for toddlers as dog really...:lol:
Just as well due to the drop rate that is contributing to Poppy dogs waistline....

22-May-10, 00:04
Wouldn't really recommend pork as this is quite hard to digest.

A home cooked diet is fine but it can sometimes be hard to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals etc.
That's why I give Benjy Naturediet as it's like home cooked but is a complete food which gives all the nutrition he needs.

22-May-10, 03:49
Sorry for your troubles, but just a wee thought, aren't potatoes not recommended for dogs?:confused
I seem to remember readiing that somewhere.
Hope Poppy's condition gets better whatever the cure!:)

22-May-10, 11:08
but just a wee thought, aren't potatoes not recommended for dogs?:confused
I seem to remember readiing that somewhere.

Potato peelings, green and raw ptatoes are bad for dogs, but boiled are fine and are a good source of starch and can safely be mixed with their food, especially if you feed meat instead of tinned dog food.:)

22-May-10, 11:18
I wouldnt be feeding Poppy dog any tatties I wouldnt eat myself or feed to the kids.... so no worrys on the peelings/green tattie front:lol:
She will also be getting meat fit for human consumtion and not specific pet meat!
It will be easier to cook for everyone together....rather than putting on another dinner especially for her... unless I batch cook and freeze...but Im a bit wary of using the freezer as someone (Iona:lol:) switched it off and I only found out last night after everything had defrosted!
meals are a bit funny today.....cullen skink followed by pizza...
mince and chips...lobster...and lots of fairy cakes:lol:

22-May-10, 12:14
Hee hee Dadie some interesting meal combinations!:lol:

26-May-10, 00:58
How is Poppy....hopefully feeling better.....:)

26-May-10, 03:23
Potato peelings, green and raw ptatoes are bad for dogs, but boiled are fine and are a good source of starch and can safely be mixed with their food, especially if you feed meat instead of tinned dog food.:)

Ah, Ok...you learn something every day! Thanks for that.:)

26-May-10, 15:53
She is looking a lot better.
Im cooking chicken and pasta for her tonight while we all have macaroni cheese....think she is getting the better meal option tonight!
She looked so much better I gave her the head and shoulders (doggy equivalent) treatment today to make her skin feel better and cleaned out her lugs.... no thanks from her for that!
I didnt have the heart to inflict a bath on her when she was feeling so poorly:D

28-May-10, 23:20
We are back at the vets on Monday.
Fingers xxxed
I also phoned the kennels to see if we can still go on holiday.....
They say as long as the vets give the thumbs up its ok and giving meds is routine for them so thats a weight off our minds too!

28-May-10, 23:31
Praying that everything goes well at the Vets on Monday and you can go on holiday.

How is Poppy now?
Enjoying her gourmet meals I hope?:lol:

28-May-10, 23:46
Hubby is envious of the dogs dinners:lol:
He even 1/2 ate one....until I told him it was Poppys!
Just hoping we can go on holiday...We need one... (end of last year was pretty grim)
Family time needed... and a wee break
She will get her booster jabs and kennel cough as well!

28-May-10, 23:51
Ha ha! Tell hubby to stop pinching poor Poppy's grub!:lol:

Yes really hope you get your holiday. Not sure whether she will get her jabs though if she isn't 100% fit?

Could you not get someone to come to your house to look after her? Wish I lived nearer to you as would be happy to do it so you could get a well earned break.

30-May-10, 19:37
Good luck for tomorrow. Really hope Poppy gets a clean bill of health.

Please let us know.:D

30-May-10, 19:45
I will let you know....might not get on the puter until the girls are bedded though!

31-May-10, 21:20
Fit to go to kennels!
Has to keep her low fat diet... <5% fat
Naturediet is too high in fat for her
Have to scour the dog food shelves and read the small print on the cans!
Cooked another batch of chicken, rice, peas and sweetcorn:lol:

31-May-10, 22:16
Bet you are pleased Poppy got the thumbs up and you can enjoy your well earned break.............:)

31-May-10, 22:22
Oh that's great news!!!:D

It's a shame that Naturediet isn't low enough in fat although the fats are more 'natural' so may be worth contacting them to see what they say?

So glad Poppy is okay and you can have a well deserved holiday.:D

01-Jun-10, 09:49
If you need food for the kennels during your holiday I would recommend giving Burns Pet Nutrition a ring.
[/URL][URL]http://shop.burnspet.com/BrowseCustom/BPNCat/Burns_Dog_Moist_Food (http://shop.burnspet.com/Products/CAT_401)

On the top right of the page there is a freephone number for their Nutritional Helpline.

I have been feeding their dry food to my 3 dogs for many years and wouldn't use anything else. They are helpful and all my dogs food related health problems (allergies, itching, scaly skin) have disappeared years ago.

They will be able to tell you which of their food, if any, is suitable for your dog, even if it's only temporary, whilst you are away.

01-Jun-10, 12:51
Thanks for the link Stefan.

Burns food is really good but I prefer to give Benjy a moist food and never knew that Burns made this now.:D

01-Jun-10, 22:26
Thanks for the link!
I will have to phone as I cannot find the fat content anywhere.
Hopefully I can find something...
apparently pedigree do a food I can use... if only I can find it.. and Poppy will eat it... she is getting too used to home cooked meals:lol:

01-Jun-10, 22:28
The oil content is 2.60% Dadie.:D

01-Jun-10, 22:33
Forgot to say be careful about feeding Pedigree. I know someone who fed this to his dog and it was nearly put to sleep due to breathing problems.

Once he changed the diet to Butchers food the dogs breathing is fine and even some fatty lumps which he has have disappeared.

I think the problem is probably due to unnecessary colourings and additives.

It would be worth you checking out foods at www.zooplus.co.uk

Good luck!

01-Jun-10, 23:03
Fit to go to kennels!
Has to keep her low fat diet... <5% fat

Have a look at the protein content too. Anything too high in protein can play havoc with a dog's digestive system. Baker's is the absolute worst! I feed less than 20% protein feeds (which are usually low fat too :) ) and it reduces problems tons. I also try and feed a BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw food - sometimes called bones and raw food). Not always easy as you need plenty of freezer space. It is great for their bones, teeth and coat though as they are eating as nature intended. Big bones also last ages and work wonders for boredom issues :)

If you go into Harrolds on a Tues they usually have dog bones :)

02-Jun-10, 15:43
Im feeding her chicken, rice and veg... peas, sweetcorn, carrots etc and getting really fed up making different dinners for EVERYONE!
Lauren & Iona 1 meal and jazzing it up for us, baby mush for Euan, and something for the dog....cat.. is easy rip open a pouch and bung it down, fish.. a pinch of food, rabbits.. peelings and some pellets and as much lawnmowing as they want to do:lol:

Im having a really bad day in the kitchen as well... I have burned 2 pots and broken my stick blender.... now have to squish baby mush through a sieve....
and I havent started on the dinner for us or the dog yet!