View Full Version : bantams for sale

01-May-10, 16:48
I have a number Bantams for sale. Reluctently they have to go as my son is not allowed near them any more. If anyone is interested in the please PM for more information.

They are all worked with on a daily basis so are quiet friendly

03-May-10, 14:36
I have gold pencilled Hamburgs that i really need to get new homes for asap. Not wanting much for them so make me a sensible offer and i will let them go.


07-May-10, 10:49
Are your bantams still available?

07-May-10, 20:21
Yes they are still available.

I have 3 young hamburg chicks needing rehomed asap. 1 of them is laying and the others 2 are young. Father can be seen and he is a very flashy bird. Mother was shown successfully before she was killed by a nasty fox.

If you would like to see them or want any more info. please phone 07936044997