View Full Version : Anyone up?

01-May-10, 06:36
Why am i up at 6.30am on a saturday morning you ask?

Well iv actually been up since 4.30am with a rather ill child who wont go back to sleep. He was screaming the house down so just decided to get up about an hour ago :(

Anyone else up yet?

John Little
01-May-10, 07:49
I've been up since 6.45. Can't sleep - wife still abed.

01-May-10, 08:06
been up since 4:45! cat yowling because she was locked in the kitchen, once I'm awake I can't go back to bed and sleep again, wish I could :(

had planned to go out tonight but at this rate I'll be in bed by 8pm!

Hope Athrun is feeling better soon Shelley

01-May-10, 14:01
Well i got him back to sleep at 8am in his pram, he woke at 11am then but the OH got up with him, soon followed by me cos e bairn was screamin the house down again. Even took him out a walk to try and get him to sleep a bit more but no luck.

Im out tonight Dragonfly and i think am gonna be on red bull instead o irn bru all night to stay awake haha!