View Full Version : dont play xbox when drunk *G*

01-May-10, 00:06
ok found out a while ago.. while playing the xbox... was playing pure which is a driving game.. on quads.. you such when you have been drinking!
i thought i was somthing.. but the stupid thing kept crashing!!!
how dare it!
i know you shouldnt drink and drive..
but really should we also not drink and xbox?
ooooooooojhh or drink and type?
im feeling a good buzz right now! cant remember the last time i drank.
but as its our 10 year wedding aniversary umm now. wow its past midnight.
we thought we would celebrate!!!
woohoo!! 10 years and we are both still alive!!
well done!!! im so prooud of us!!
anyhoo!!! just so you know dont drink and xbox! its just not safe!

01-May-10, 00:31


Who says romance is dead?

01-May-10, 00:33
Congratulations Brandy.......as for the xbox practice makes perfect[lol]

01-May-10, 12:40
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Brandy.

Why are you playing the on the Xbox, shouldn't you be reliving the *first night of your marriage? ;)

*I admit, the first night of our marriage we watched the UK Snooker Championship in bed. :D

01-May-10, 12:43
Hee hee. Brandy you are so funny!:lol:

Happy Anniversary!:D