View Full Version : Lead Guitarist Needed, Singer Also Needed.....

01-May-04, 18:44
Hey My Band A $ Short Of A DedMan Needs A New Lead Guitarist And A Singer Just Send Us Your Name, What Songs You Can Sing/Play, Also What Access You Have Into Wick If You Don't Live there, Because Our Band Members So Far All Live In Wick So It'd B Handy 2 Kno How Your Gonna Get To Our Practices etc.

Thanks To Any1 Who Applies

13-May-04, 21:14
Im the guitarist of the band just to let you know the lead guitar spot has been filled so we just need a singer. Also the band is going to play a lot of diff stuff so we really need someone with a good voice.

Anywayz I hope some of you will apply, and thanks if you do

26-May-04, 15:43

What type of music do you play? I like iron maiden, judas priest painkiller album and all the material with tim owens singing. Blaze Bayley stuff i can sing well thats x factor and virtual xi material. I like DIO, and Iced Earth, i also like soulfly stlyle singing!! If your bands no Heavy metal then i'm not interested. All the best

01-Jun-04, 19:51
Hey sorry Painkiller we havent been on in a while so we didnt notice this post, well the band will play everything really! we name songs we like or want to play put them through a vote and the 1's with the most votes wins basically o we could well play heavy metal. A lot of the bands you like our band will most certainly like them as we r versatile with out music.

If your still interested send me some details through a PM and I'll get back to you with more info.


09-Jun-04, 18:25
ok singer still needed our last guy reached a dead end when it came to music so we're still looking, remember wide variety of music taste needed