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28-Apr-10, 19:48
ok, just want to have a moan..
sam is now riding, has his lesson every week and pony club!
ben is riding every week.. and i get to be there for that to help.. so thats lovley
have joined the rda .. really loving that.. so no moan there.. had a really great time today and so many lovley folks that do it as well..
ok now heres my gurn..
i get to spend so much time around horses now (for which i am grateful.. btw) but i dont get to ride!!
i know that its because im to heavy...and i really am trying to loose weight but its not coming off!
could just scream!!
any one want to feel sorry for me and give me a horse to ride?
really do want to take lessons but no horse to take them on.. as far as i know none of the schools have any HW.. so down.. ahhh well just have to keep at it.. try to loose some more weight and enjoy that i get to be around horseys as much as i am!!!
rant over..
whew good to vent!

28-Apr-10, 22:50
thats just not fair - I bet the horse riding would get the weight off too. Goodluck in achieving your goal - its good that you have something to aim for. Whats the rda by the way?

28-Apr-10, 23:04
the RDA is the riding for disabled association.. it works with disabled kids and gets them riding as a form of therapy.

29-Apr-10, 20:47
Hi Brandy
I know you came out here riding once and rode Shamoo - I know how hard it is to get the weight off and starving yourself ain't no fun! Just to let you know we are getting another heavyweight cob shortly - a bit smaller than Shamoo, but up to weight. I know we are quite a drive from you, but thought I'd let you know in case you fancied a shot!
Highlands Unbridled

29-Apr-10, 21:22
thats great! it would be perfect if it wasnt such a drive! what size is the new cob that you are getting? have checked out your site a few times! i love the pic of the toddler on shamoo so sweet. just wish there was something a little closer to home! will try and get back down when i have the chance. just is almost a day trip for me... *G* and have to make arrangments for the kids!

30-Apr-10, 16:06
He's a 16hh heavyweight cob - another coloured one, called Major! Not quite as tall as Shamoo, but certainly up to weight. Nice chap - arriving this weekend. Will get pics on the site as soon as I get a chance. Would be nice to see you again!