View Full Version : shutter island..

27-Apr-10, 00:21
best film iv seen in ages. brilliant. ben kingsley wis fantastic.

wid be interested til hear what ither people thot.

27-Apr-10, 12:06
Thought it was a brill film aswell! Although i got quite confused at the end :lol:

27-Apr-10, 16:46
I read the book about three years ago and thought it was a fantastic read especially the ending !!!

I've never wanted to see the film, because I know the ending - so it defeats the point of watching it !!!

The book did slightly confuse me at the ending, but my OH, who'd also read it, explained it to me, and it then, made total sense !!

02-May-10, 09:31
Brilliant indeed! Well worth watching!

02-May-10, 11:26
i watched it again yesterday....do ye's think ben kingsley looks lek johnny fatts??? :eek:

i do....