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26-Apr-10, 23:50
<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/U7XxngDQks0&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param Here is Banjo doing one of his favourite things...snoozing. After going through the chewing and demolishing the house phase...nibbled telephone, numerous shoes, books with the odd door being crunched, though he is settling. Still a big puppy boy and a softy...even the cats bully him.......
I would say to whoever dumped, abandoned or just didn't want this lovely lurcher lad....you lost out, big time....he is a beautiful affectionate, good natured fella and a wonderful doggy friend.:)

Hope the link works..........

27-Apr-10, 12:36
Hi Teenybash
What a gorgeous lad Banjo is.
I have Banjos brother Teddy, and like you am delighted with our boy. They are lovely natured dogs, full of fun, laid back, loving and loyal. Over the past few weeks I feel that Ted has settled down and has grown up. It was their birthday on 13th of April so that maybe explains things.
I often tell him how lucky I was to get him!

27-Apr-10, 13:03
Aw what a great video Teenybash!:lol:

Banjo is gorgeous and he is so lucky to have a home where he is appreciated and loved.
As is your lovely Teddy Evelyn.:D

I treasure my beloved dog and cats and it breaks my heart that so many people treat their animals as 'disposable' items![evil]

27-Apr-10, 20:24
Aww he's gorgeous!

I also don't understand how people can't love them.

27-Apr-10, 20:34
aww, their loss and definately your gain Teenybash! Glad to see the chair being used to good effect :lol: