View Full Version : Zwartbles Sheep?

24-Apr-10, 17:56
Does anyone know if Zwartbles sheep are bred in Caithness? Used to keep my horse with a farmer's old tup, he was mad but adorable. Would absolutely love a pet one!

24-Apr-10, 19:37
Yes there is a lovely small flock as you go into Wick on the Castletown/Wick Road....I think a bit before Reiss heading into town.....I think someone was selling some on the org, a while back. But they are definately in the county. You could try posting for a Zwart on the farming and crofting forum or the wanted ads.....;)

24-Apr-10, 22:10
hi,my neighbour in lybster breeds them .pm with your details and i will pass it on

mop top
25-Apr-10, 04:54
Benjy Mackay at Skitten Farm breeds them. He has some crackers they just done the lambing so you never know there could be a spare pet one knocking around. you should find him in the phone book or send me a pm and i could get you the number.


26-Apr-10, 20:51
I'm not sure who breeds any of these, but there great to keep with horses as they love to eat ragwort!! Score!!

05-May-10, 01:21
Arghh.. for some reason although I am logged in, I can't send private mail! 3 years on this site I can still hardly use it.

Thanks for the replies; would be great if I could get the man from Skinnet farm's number Mop Top?

Maybe If you know him well you could mention that as I just want one as a pet I wouldn't care if it was marked properly etc. Just think they are awesome sheep after having one as a companion last year!

Thanks all

05-May-10, 01:23
Yeah Craigmansie - I've heard they are right munchers, so will be good for ragwort and will be handy to have another mouth sharing the grass; stop the Shetlands getting too beefy!

mop top
06-May-10, 09:30
Have sent you a pm with contact details for breeder in Skitten hopefully you will be able to access your pm's even though you cant send them