View Full Version : Local Walking Group

24-Apr-10, 05:55
'Step It Up Highland' will be leading some local walks, in the area, suitable for all abilitiies, on both Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd May.

Commencing at outside the Salvation Army on the Esplanade at 10.30 am each morning.

All welcome.

24-Apr-10, 13:57
Where are the walks going to ?

26-Apr-10, 14:06
Have since discovered that this is part of the local 'Walking Festival' see http://www.walkcaithness.com

26-Apr-10, 14:22
Programme http://www.walkcaithness.com/programme.shtml

Beat Bug
26-Apr-10, 16:10
Will this be an on-going activity? I'd like to do some walking, but this coming week-end is already spoken for.