View Full Version : Horse Training Halter Wanted

22-Apr-10, 09:27
I am having problems with my horse loading, some time she will sometimes she wont. Have just read a article in Your Horse which Richard has wrote all about horse that wont load.

So think I am going to get myself a training halter and rope. If anyone has one they dont use any more I will buy it from you.

I think one size fits all, but if not my girl is 16.2 and can take a extrafull bridle.

22-Apr-10, 12:37
Hi i would highly recommend watching Monty Roberts loading training methods i saw it on H&C on sky the results are amazing, also hes "Dually head Collars" are very helpfull in training and can be bought of the internet and Ebay

22-Apr-10, 18:24
Chris Cox is good also on trailer issues.

17-Jun-10, 10:50
I'm making rope halters now if you still need one.

17-Jun-10, 16:12
I wouldn't be without my 'Dually'. Worked with a pony sanctuary and had many difficult loaders,training with the Dually worked every time. They come in 3 sizes,colour coded red-s,black-m,blue-l. Larger head may need blue.My horses are 16.3 and black one fits perfectly. Hope you find what works for you. :)

17-Jun-10, 16:44
Now sorted out a headcollar thankyou