View Full Version : Getting glass cut?

31-May-06, 10:36
Hi, where can I get glass cut to size? used to be a place in Halkirk, but they closed many moons ago. I'm also after some doubled glazed glass for a window frame. Many thanks

footie chick
31-May-06, 13:22
You could try Sinclair Windows in Wick or Geddes Windows in Halkirk {not sure if they cut glass?}

31-May-06, 17:57
I know Jack Shearers in Wick used to cut glass, you could try them.

Billy Boy
31-May-06, 18:08
norscot at bower also cut glass

31-May-06, 21:40
norscot at bower also cut glass
see jimmy glass they call him ul get him at norscot

the original ducky
12-Jun-06, 22:41
sinclair glazing do both give them a shout in wick or they could pick it up :lol:

27-Jun-06, 11:08
the shearers cut glass i just had two pieces cut friday for my fish tank.. only cost a fiver as well