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16-Apr-10, 20:32
Looking for some help - there was previously a thread about someone who makes lovely birthday cakes to order - but I can't find the thread!!

Could anyone recommend someone that could make a fancy chocolate birthday cake for my daughter's 18th


16-Apr-10, 20:46

Angela Costello does them - she did 2 for Rosie, butterfly last year, jewellery box this year - totally magnificent. I don't think she does chocolate but give her a ring and she can discuss what she will/won't tackle.

You can get her on JA Mackay 892811 or 895379.

Cheers - can't believe that you have one that old!! You must be wearing well.

16-Apr-10, 20:52

Thanks for that - I will give her a shout

Don't know about wearing well - just dont look too closely - its amazing how alcohol preserves!!!!! :-))

17-Apr-10, 12:36
MacDonalds in Wick will do one off special cakes. Have done a few for me over the years.