View Full Version : Pregnancy Migraines

15-Apr-10, 23:13
Is there anything you can buy over the counter for migraines that is safe to use in pregnancy? My head has been killing me for 9 days now and i am at my wits end with it, i assume its down to my pregnancy anyway never suffered them before.

16-Apr-10, 07:16
I personally would go see my doctor if i had a headache that long

16-Apr-10, 10:12
I suffered from these when pregnant with my son but am bad for taking migranes anyway. The only thing you get when you are pregnant is paracetomol. Speak to your doctor. But maybe a treatment from Donna at Alternative Vitality might help. Hope you feel better soon they are an awful thing

16-Apr-10, 10:20
ask your doc about the nasel spray for migrains thats what i have to take they do work

16-Apr-10, 12:32
You can buy 4head (http://www.4headaches.co.uk/) over the counter It helps for my migraines rather than loads of pills.

16-Apr-10, 19:44
you would be best seeing the doc or the midwife before you buy otc drugs!
You will be fobbed of with paracetamol to start with but if you have tried that tell them!

17-Apr-10, 11:39
well i went to doc yesterday and saw a midwife. they reckon its hormonal and i just have to stick with paracetamol and plenty of rest (ha with a full time job and 2 children - not going to get a lot of that!) so will just have to suffer them only 15 weeks to go lol

17-Apr-10, 21:07
Cool and soothe strips?
Locking yourself in a nice dark bedroom and refusing to surface until migrane is gone? and letting oh fend for himself and the kids!

17-Apr-10, 21:10
I got a migracap, cost about 40 but well worth it for drug free pain relief from migrains.