View Full Version : Attaching Images to Thread

29-May-06, 14:28
How do I attach images to my posts (without a hyperlink which is very clumbsy). I've seen other's do this OK. It says on my posting rules that I'm not allowed to (why?)


29-May-06, 16:36
Have you tried to wrap your image's url address with ..

imageurladdress ?

try to make sure that the image is not greater than 800 pixels wide and it should fit neatly on the screen.

good luck, looking fwd to see your photos!

30-May-06, 10:49
This is what I do just now. Isn't it possible to just attach like any webmail program? I think I'm missing something VERY simple . . . .. just don't know what??

Why do you need to specify a URL? Can't you just browse your folder contents and pick an image? (Would this be simpler?)

30-May-06, 17:33
Deemac make a photobucket accoutn and use the IMG links


free and simple