View Full Version : Spartcacus: Blood and Sand

13-Apr-10, 03:27
Watching this on Starz channel in the USA.As far as I'm aware of, Bravo will be showing this series in the summer. This series is brilliant and needs to be watched. Beware, this is for adults only.

Ye I know, I spelt Spartacus wrong.

14-Apr-10, 10:10
The first episode I found awfull though and not a good reflection of the series on a whole.

After you get the first one out the way the rest are all top notch! Really good TV series.

Loved "The Pit" episode!!

The Angel Of Death
14-Apr-10, 10:36
Best program on tv at the moment shame this week's one is the last in the series though :(

That and the poor bloke got cancer so filming of the second series has been delayed

17-Apr-10, 13:39
I saw something about that, cant remember what on but my gosh golly :eek: My eyes nearly burned lol.

But im actually intreaged to see it, i like the blood splattering everywhere. Not interested in what the men are :lol:

11-May-10, 18:02
I'm Spartacus!!

11-May-10, 19:44
Just watched the whole series (in 3 days) in Hi-def via the web. Superb, but I need more now!