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10-Apr-10, 20:11
Ordered my OH a kilt yesterday afternoon, about 2pm. It arrived today. So less than 24 hours after ordering it arrived!

It was a full kilt set i ordered which included Kilt, ghillie shirt, belt, sporran, kilt pin, Sgian Dubh and the socks. All arrived and all excellent quality for the money! And i mean excellent. The entire outfit was very very cheap. So can not complain at all. And all fits perfectly


Payment was easy and fast. Cant complain at all, will be using again in the future as he wants another kilt.

Definate 10/10! :Razz

10-Apr-10, 20:20
What a great site & like you say excellent value for money. Must show hubby, he keeps saying he would like his own kilt. :D