View Full Version : spot undoing all my hard work! *arggh*

10-Apr-10, 19:12
spot is determined to get dirty again!
after his walk yesterday and rolling in anything disgusting he could find.. and bringing home half the beach today i gave him a bath.. now not only did i scrub every inch of him... but i conditioned him as well.. then towel dried him.. and brushed him to within an inch of his life.. he is now in the hallway rolling and trying his best to undo everything i just did.. ive no doubt the moment he gets out side.. he will be rolling in the mud..
ahhh well.. at least all the brambles and twigs are out of his coat! (fow a few hours at least!)

what do you do with a spaniels coat when they go all wonky?
it looks so wierd.. his brown spots are longer than the white.. and the fur on his one side.. is just bushy and ginger brown and going wavy!
i dont know if its because his adult coat is coming in or what! hes about 10 mnth now.. so dont know.. and shedding like mad!! gonna take the hoover to him soon!

10-Apr-10, 20:03
Lol great aint they? My step dads dog is mad for rolling in anything...em...dead lol. she also loves seaweed. So regular bathing for her!

Pups coat might be changing to adult coat right enuf, and also its comin into warmer weather so will be casting. My cats are casting like mad and ma poor couch is covered in ginger hair! Im goin mad wi the sellotape haha! Brenons fur aint so noticeable cos his hair is dark.

10-Apr-10, 21:11
Spaniels are designed to be gross!
They revel in being dirty and smelly!
Teal just loves my changing bag and will get in it and run off with a dirty nappy or puked on muslin cloths...or roll about on Iona...:eek:

11-Apr-10, 22:52
yeah spots hair looks hilarious just now ha ha, Bobbin is casting a wee bit aswell. i think it must be to do with his adult coat coming in. if not he's gonna look like a numpty every summer time!:lol:

12-Apr-10, 00:18
hey arnt you suppos eto be supporting me and saying stuff like.. no it looks fine.. and it will sort itself.. you can hardly notice it.. some friend you are *G*

12-Apr-10, 21:08
You could always try and give him a haircut...if that goes wonky too at least it will give us a laugh!

Ps Hubby would not let me cut his or the bairns hair after numerous attempts of cutting Bennys hair(our old Springer) he had some pretty awful hairdos... trying to even up his lugs he would end up with 1 v short one and a longer one......
And his feathers on his legs would all be different lengths...