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Douglas Cowie
09-Apr-10, 21:16
My PC completely died on me yesterday afternoon however Peter Brown of Compass Computers Watten picked it up and rebuilt it for me the same day and I had it back that night, I cannot recommend him highly enough, a real first class service at an excellent price.
Any PC problems give him a ring on Watten 621623

09-Apr-10, 21:48
I have just had by Laptop rebuilt by Pete, returned to me today. I received a super fast and professional service at an excellent price.

Highly recommened by me also!

Douglas Cowie
10-Apr-10, 10:23
I've just found out that Peter Brown has new web site/name, see the link below for full details.


11-Apr-10, 20:21
Our PC caught a bad virus on Saturday and I phoned up Pete at PC Repairs in Watten. We took the computer over in the afternoon and Pete had it fixed, ready for collection by 7 pm.

I cannot think of anywhere that provides service like that, and the craic was excellent as well.

17-Apr-10, 09:26
Poor computers! Thats what they get for some people illegally downloading and looking at naughty pictures

26-Apr-10, 22:46
Just had Windows 7 installed on my laptop by Pete. Great service and my toppy is much more whizzy......:)