View Full Version : Cuckoos

28-May-06, 09:16
Anybody heard or seen 1 this year? Not heard a single cal here and they can be quite hard to spot.

Mother Bear
28-May-06, 11:43
Yes, have heard them for a couple of weeks now! Are you really in Hove, Sussex??..and no cuckoos there yet??

28-May-06, 13:47
This is the first year I have heard them in Caithness, but that could be down to me being in the right places this year. I heard one at Broubster today.

A friend who lives up Strath Hallidale says they are everywhere this year, he also said they arrived a few weeks earlier than usual.

I was up near Bettyhill and Tounge the other week, and every time we got out the car we could hear at least one, yet I never got a single sighting.

One thing I would love to see, is a cuckoo chick in the nest.

28-May-06, 23:40
Yes Mother Bear I am and have been disappointed not to heat them calling from the hill opposite which is open downland always used to wait to hear their once The May was is bloom but this year nothing.

29-May-06, 09:55
Yes Lizz, been hearing them regularly over the past 12 days whilst walking in the Newton Woodland.

Mother Bear
31-May-06, 20:50
Just reading in my Gardening Mag today that a lady living in the West Midlands hasn't heard a cuckoo there for about 10 yrs now!....altho' a resident in West Sussex has heard them this year...[you'll have to move West Lizz!]
Apparently cuckoo numbers have declined by more than a third since the early1990's, and altho a lot of people don't agree with the breeding habits of this bird, it would be sad if they were to become yet another endangered species. The sound of the cuckoo really does let you know that summer is on it's way...eventually!!