View Full Version : Calling all ladies over 18

07-Apr-10, 23:30
Ever thought about holding an Ann Summers party?

It's the ultimate girls night in with games to play and a raffle to win.
There are fabulous hostess offers, so get in touch today to book your party.

Call Emma on 07920 484498 for more details or you can pm me here if you'd prefer.

14-Apr-10, 22:16
Hello Deary

I will be visiting Caithness in the summer and I hope you can do a party for me and the 'girls' during our stay.

Me and the 'girls' will really look forward to playing a few games at one of your parties and hopefully pick up some tips to keep our menfolk happy too when we get back home o.

I will look forward to playing with your 'toys' too and I take it you don't mean Connect 4 here, or maybe you do...?