View Full Version : A proper quiz night at approx 20:15 UK time 25th April

18-Apr-04, 16:10
I have been asked to try a Quiz night again,
all welcome
tonight 18th April @20:15

19-Apr-04, 10:48
Was it any good? I didn't see the post until today otherwise I would of been there.

19-Apr-04, 19:45
I think we all had a good time, about six contestants took part, Sandra won hands down,
Well done again Sandra.
A few late comers turned up so I have been asked to run another one next Sunday at the same time, so feel free to come in and take part.
And the reason Squidge retired before the quiz began......her pup ate the modem wire [mad] [disgust] lock it in the shed next Sunday Squidge.

Hope to see you all


23-Apr-04, 16:03
Well done golach - I will be there with bells on - And I hope some or most of the gang will be turning up.......................and no cheating

23-Apr-04, 16:10
its ok

I have sorted out the puppy

I told her i will get allher teeth out if she does it again. However givent he lack of dentists i might have a job carryingout hte threat lol

Ill be there


Mr P Cannop
23-Apr-04, 17:17
i would join but i have been banned

23-Apr-04, 20:52
Well Paul, you must've been bad!! :evil

Mr P Cannop
23-Apr-04, 21:32
i was banned for no reason at it ??

simian sally
24-Apr-04, 01:00
Is the quiz held in the Chat Room? If so, how does it work?

24-Apr-04, 12:13
do pop into the chat room and you will be made very welcome, the way we run it is very simple and you will soon pick it up

24-Apr-04, 13:17
its great fun sally lol - come along and play

26-Apr-04, 07:54
Well done to all that attended yesterday, Nessman was the winner

26-Apr-04, 12:23
:D i would just like to thank Colin Manson for his quick reply to my e-mail which ensured i got my chat room password back in time to be able to participate in the event, Thanks Colin.....

26-Apr-04, 22:04
It's an automated response Nessman. He's that quick with everyone!

Sorry I couldn't make it guys. Maybe next week. ;)

29-Apr-04, 05:19
Thanks for the FUN quiz Mr Golach sir. Did you all hear that I got 5 count 'em 5 points and not a bit of cheating. Word has it that some folks were rather sassy I mean cheeky during the quiz, making objections and fechting and such and Mr Golach's feathers got a bit ruffled. Hopefully Mr Golach sorted out those baddies, and they will behave during future quizzes. :p

p.s. did you all hear that I got 5 points?

29-Apr-04, 08:04
Ok Ok I'll run another quiz on Sunday 2nd May at the usual time......but next weeks loser will have to compile and run the following quiz coz I want to join in.
I can only stand so much of my feathers being ruffled by those sassy colonials [lol]

29-Apr-04, 23:27
Quite right golach mate - dang troublemakers take no nonesense - but I heard that the person who was objecting was some kind of super brain and should have every point going , is that right?

30-Apr-04, 19:52
Oh Ac
you are so right, but to be fair I had to been seen to be unbiased so I let the colonial nearly win
p.s. the answers are under the usual caravan at the Glebe


01-May-04, 20:23
harrrrrrrrrumphhh :roll: we'll see who earns their points and who is caught in the caravan park at midnight.

03-May-04, 10:25
due to a lack of numbers only LIZZ, Nessman and ACameron turned up we decided to try at the same time again next week :~(


04-May-04, 01:05
Mr Sassy was soooo slow rearranging the office....I couldn't get in for the quiz! But you can be sure that NOW he understands the importance of Quiz Night :evil

p.s. just which caravan did you mean, golach? I couldn't find the answer sheet....

04-May-04, 07:58
the white one next till the Victoria Walk [lol]

09-May-04, 05:31
Okayyyy, see you at the quiz at quarter past noon....I mean...20:15 youse guyses time. I'll be wearing my thinking cap, which is hanging on the laundry line getting all freshed up. -H

11-May-04, 17:48
Ty golach for a great quiz..and I hope you made a mental note of how well us ladies behaved ourselves,none of the usual infighting,backstabbing just demure grace and kind sentiments. :lol:

Hey now here's a thought, how about a male team versus a female team? :evil

Right I'm off to read the next volume of "The Encyclopedia Britanica."

"Come on you girls!"