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27-May-06, 08:46
I think it says ZEN nano plus on the little white box also CREATIVE and 521 MB.
So you can see this is all strange to me.
I received the above for my birthday, then got my grandson to ''rip'' a few of my favourite CDs onto it.
All the music is there but completely mixed up - from Bach to Boogie and Bach again, so to speak.
Is there anything I can do to put the music into order? One composer/CD at a time.... without asking my grandson again.
Any help would be appreciated, but please dont make your reply too complicated !!

Thank you

01-Jun-06, 16:29
Your Creative Zen should have come with a CD of software. Assuming your grandson installed the software you should be able to plug your Zen into the PC and organise the songs into albums and arrange them as you wish. Might be an idea to get your grandson back, though.

05-Jun-06, 11:34
Thank you for your reply Ricco,

Yes, there was a CD.... so grandson will be invited tonight - box of doughnuts at the ready !!