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05-Apr-10, 19:59
We are looking at TV's, as we need to buy a new one. At the moment, we have Sky+ which I love, but the picture is constantly going off when the weather is bad.
We are going to buy a new TV with built in DVD player, but we are not sure if we should go for built in Freeview or stick with Sky? We would be upgrading to either Freeview+ HD or Sky+ HD.
Just wondering which service everyone else uses, and how you get on with it?
Thanks for any info.:)

mum of three
05-Apr-10, 20:21
We have sky+ HD downstairs and have no problems with it at all. We have a normal sky+ box up the stairs for the kids and it is affected by the weather something terrible. We had the same problem downstairs before we upgraded to HD. Not sure why this is as obviously uses the same dish. My mother in law has freeview and it seems to be faulty more often than working.

05-Apr-10, 20:47
I have Sky+ at the moment, Sky+ HD due to go in tomorrow. And i have never had a problem with my box.

My stepdad has freeview built in to his TV and for some funny reason when a scooter drives past his house the picture drops out til the scooter is well away again :confused weird yes. lol

With freeview you might not always get the channels you want aswell.

Why not try that BT vision. Im thinking about getting it in my bedroom. Far cheaper than sky aswell!

07-Apr-10, 13:57
it all depends on how much TV you watch and what channels.

Freeview is fine and the cheapest way
Sky is alot more expensive but has all the channels you require... Plu s a load of rubbish ones too lol...

BT Vision - Well its basically Freeview with Video On Demand... You pay for your VOD though.

Scooters etc.. Can interfere with Freeview but only if its not a good aerial or bad insulated cable. Its the noise frequencies that scooters produce.

CAI rated Aerial and Cable would stop this problem...

07-Apr-10, 14:27
Thanks everyone.

We thought freeview would be better, but everyone we have spoken to has said the same thing about it going off the whole time.

I think maybe we will upgrade to Sky HD, as I do like Sky. Just need to out the reason for it going off the whole time in bad weather. One of our neighbours said they had the same problem, and called Sky out. Turned out they had water getting into the box thingy on the dish.
Does anyone know how much it would cost to have someone check the Dish?

Thanks again for the info.