View Full Version : garden bench

05-Apr-10, 11:22
hi all where about in caithness can i get a good hard wearing garden bench made to with stand our weather thanks

05-Apr-10, 14:38
Castletown garden centre would be a good place to try,they have some lovely stuff x

05-Apr-10, 18:47
Try Serendipity in Thurso we got one from them about 5 years ago and with a fresh coat of wood preservative every year it is as good as new:lol:

05-Apr-10, 21:40
We got ours from the CLB years ago!
It is teak and if left will go sort of silvery grey but it gets teak oil wipped over it occassionally!

05-Apr-10, 21:45
call 07917 165 173 may be able too help you out.

08-Apr-10, 12:35
hi thanks evry body for yor help

08-Apr-10, 20:37
We got ours from Allans of Gillock, Watten Branch. Such a good sturdy bench seat we went back for a second.