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02-Apr-10, 12:10
Looking for a reasonable priced joiner to fit door frames/facings and skirtings in a hallway.

If anyone knows one who would be available shortly to do this work please pm me

Kind Regards

02-Apr-10, 22:45
try a9 complete very good and clean up after

05-Apr-10, 11:38
This is a recommendation i left a couple of weeks ago, i hope it helps you.

I would like to highly recommend Andrew Bremner Joiner for renovating the upper level of my shop (Sams Furniture Ltd) on Wick High St.

Knowing that losing the upper level for any length of time meant it would be very difficult for us to trade as half our stock would not be displayed.
He guaranteed me he could complete the job within 1 month, a job that should have taken at least a couple of months. It took him and his employee less than 3 weeks to achieve, they both would start early hours of the morning and work straight on through untill very late at night.
I am more than delighted with the work he has done and I would like to point out he is very fair when pricing a job.:o):o)

Please find his details by following the link below.

http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/...ss.php?id=1973 (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=1973)

05-Apr-10, 18:13
Thanks to everyone who has pm'd me numbers for joiners.

Greatly appreciated:)