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01-Apr-10, 19:31
hi all anyone know of a nice place to have a meal in thurso many thanks

01-Apr-10, 19:35
The Captains Galley in Scrabster is about the best (if you like fish). Around 40 a head plus drinks.

01-Apr-10, 19:36
hi all anyone know of a nice place to have a meal in thurso many thanks

NO [lol]:Razz

01-Apr-10, 19:36
Can't beat the Weigh Inn

Stornoway Black Pudding followed by Tartan Chicken yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum

01-Apr-10, 19:37
NO [lol]:Razz

Ducati is having a larf but he is not that far wrong

01-Apr-10, 19:42
Ducati is having a larf but he is not that far wrong

Actually have had a great "snack" in the downstairs bar bit, but we got plastered at the same time so I can't actually guarantee it was any good.

And the last time we went to the Weigh Inn it was mingin, but that was a couple of years ago....:lol:

01-Apr-10, 19:44
I went to the Weigh Inn last week, and left soon after :eek: Not my kind of food, nothing that i liked on it at all.

So i went to The Ferry Inn, had an absolutely gorgeous meal there instead. Brilliant food, good prices.

Another place that is nice is the Bistro. A bit more expensive but really good food.

If you like music whilst eating then go to Y-Not. I can not fault it ever! :Razz

01-Apr-10, 19:58
when we have ever eaten there we have allways had a great meal

01-Apr-10, 20:07
We were in the Weigh Inn a couple of weeks ago. The food was lovely, the service was appalling and the place was pretty grubby. There were plates sitting out in the conservatory that were so dried up that I reckon they were there from the previous night. Everything looked as though it could do with a good clean.

We had lunch in the Red Pepper a couple of weeks ago and it was very good. I hadn't been in for over ten years and couldn't believe the change. I couldn't get my head around eating in the place whilst still imagining those awful cartoons that were in the back area and the atrocious bogs. However, having been there I have forgotten all that.

Captain's Galley is fantastic but dear. However, for a special occasion it is worth it. The setting is great, the staff are very nice and the whole night was great.

Upper Deck is good but I reckon the steaks in the Castletown Hotel are better and nearly half the price.

Le Bistro is nice.

Can't comment on anywhere else in Thurso.

01-Apr-10, 20:07
the red pepper is nice, but it doesn't have wheelchair access

01-Apr-10, 20:09
Definately recommend the Captains Galley, food is excellent and worth every penny

John Little
01-Apr-10, 20:16
Captain's Galley is superb!

01-Apr-10, 20:41
Sandra's Snack Bar. Best grub in Thursa lol.

Is that place still on the go or shut doon?

John Little
01-Apr-10, 20:42
Is that the surfer place down the harbourmouth?

01-Apr-10, 20:44
captians galley it is then thanks everybody happy easter:D

John Little
01-Apr-10, 20:51
Great choice - the Langoustines are grand! The sea bream is fantastic - it ain't cheap but they do you proud. And you come out to look over Thurso Bay from Scrabster....

01-Apr-10, 20:56
Father in Laws in Hakon Road.

01-Apr-10, 22:21
Park Hotel in Thurso quite good